Comment on Average Savings By Age: How Do You Rank? by Sam


This post was really interesting especially the part where you question yourself with them 12 questions.

I’ve just tested myself in a practical way to really just self-review why wealth building is important to me using these questions and I must admit some of the questions make you think deeply.

After completing my test I can already feel an emotional attachment to why I actually want to achieve a specific level of wealth going forward and this is from just completing that practical test.

My unlimited goal for wealth isn’t to live a life full of expensive materials it’s more about securing a financial future for a life of comfort where I can support myself and family as time progresses without having to rely on the system or anyone else for financial aid.

I’ve also always been interested in learning how to make money work for me from investing. For now, though, I’m just increasing my capital value learning my trades which I will be leveraging for the future.

I’m going to keep my practice sheet with your questions and my answers and place it where I can see it and read it daily.

Thanks for sharing.


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