Reveals the Personal Goal Setting System That Helped Todd Retire Early And Wealthy… So That You Can Do The Same.

Key Ideas

  1. You may think you already know all about goal setting, but results probably prove otherwise.
  2. Discover the 5 ways that written goals give you a wealth building advantage.
  3. Reveals the exact 7 step goal setting system I personally used to build wealth.

Success is a choice.

You alone decide what you want and how you’ll achieve it.

If you don’t set goals, then you’re implicitly handing your life over to divine fate and betting on luck to provide for your needs.

When you set goals, you’re pro-actively choosing a life path with self-responsibility and playing an active role in your destiny – and that can make the difference between success and failure.

Additionally, if you aren’t writing your goals down and reviewing them regularly, then you aren’t setting yourself up to win. You are shortchanging yourself and your financial future.

Without goals, your life is like a sailboat without a rudder: it’ll just spin in circles. Without goals, your daily life is as purposeless as driving a car without a destination in mind.

Goals are the focal point that gives your life direction and drives successful forward momentum.

In order for you to realize your potential as a human being, then goal setting is as necessary as breathing.

I like to think of the time spent writing and reviewing my goals as an investment in my future. It doesn’t cost me time: it saves me time by eliminating waste.

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