Taking that first step will give you the momentum that you need to keep going. The fact is, once you are in motion, you stay in motion. This is what allows you to transform your emotional state and put yourself into a zone of optimal productivity.

Eventually, the act of going outside, turns into a walk, and before you know it, you are running like the wind! Set yourself up to win, and when you accomplish something, make sure that you reward yourself, because whatever gets rewarded, gets repeated.

3. Implement The 5 Second Rule

According to Mel Robbins, author of the book, The Five Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage, the real problem is that we don’t understand what procrastination is. Our minds associate it with failure and laziness, which then feeds our negative thoughts even more. As a result, our inner critic spirals out of control and we are left going from, “I don’t want to do it” to “I just can’t do it!”

We know that we should do something, but our hesitation prevents us from taking any action at all. As long as you hesitate, your brain will associate pain with the very thing that you are trying to accomplish. Before you know it, you are in overwhelm. It’s a lose-lose battle.

The best way to implement The 5 Second Rule into your daily life is by giving yourself 5 seconds to take an immediate action, no matter if it’s big or small. This is called, “hijacking your brain.” Do a countdown and then, as the Nike slogan goes, “Just do it!” Don’t give your brain any time to process what is about to happen. A good example of this is skydiving or bungee jumping. The longer you wait to take that leap, so to speak, the more likely that you will hesitate to do it altogether.

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